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Lance Franklin and Ben Glynn of the Sydney Swans


Kurt Tippett, Kieren Jack and team mates of the Sydney Swans at recovery


Sydney Swans players make their way out onto the SCG


Kieren Jack and Harry Cunningham of the Sydney Swans


Josh Kennedy of the Swans and Devon Smith of the Giants

West Coast  2.2  4.5  6.7  7.9  (51)
def by
SYDNEY SWANS  3.4  5.12  7.14  10.19  (79)


A tribute to Jude Bolton, such a talented and hard working player who represented the best of what the Sydney Swans stand for. Playing from 1999 to 2013 and holds the VFL/AFL record for the most tackles by an individual player. 

SYDNEY SWANS  2.4  6.6  16.10  18.14  (122)
Carlton  1.2  5.5  5.6  7.9  (51)


The Sydney Swans score 10 unanswered goals in a quarter to take the game away from Carlton, Arguably our best quarter of the season.